Skype’s iOS app update: Now Make Calls with Siri

The iOS 10 is now available for iPhone users and one of the major aspects of the current and new iOS update is that the API which let the 3rd party developers for tapping in to the Siri’s major power. Interestingly the popular Tech giant – Microsoft took note of this. Recently the firm released the latest version – of Skype for iPhone as well as iPad which will allow you to call any of the contacts, just an easy command like call “Robin” will take Siri, to the Skype – contact, by taking into consideration that it is stored in your iOS device.  This will need the confirmation of the number you wish to call, similar to the iPhone calling feature, however, after the confirmation, the call will be dialed pretty much like how you are used to. All of this can be done without having to use the Skype app on the phone. The Incoming Skype calls will also be more like the native feature, with the interface which is pretty much like Apple. The complete experience is very seamless and it will definitely make full use of the new iOS 10 – Siri.

This new update is restricted to the customer version of the Skype as of now. Microsoft states that it will be available by end of October. It is a known fact that Apple invests a lot of time and money in the Research and development phase and that is probably one of the reasons as to why they are able to come up with an outstanding product each time. This time again, they have managed to bring together so many exciting features which will only make the life of the iOS users more easy. The iOS 10 will allow you to save all the Skype related details for your close knit friends, family as well as your colleagues, all inside the contact app. The Incoming Skype calls will show up on the screen with a similar interface that is pretty much like the normal phone – calls. Skype has been improving the calling features time and again. Over the years, there have been so many free and paid internet voice calling apps, however, Skype seems to be the most preferred app for mainly 2 reasons. One reason is because of its stability as well as reputation and secondly because of its frequent upgrades.

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