Best Cute iPhone 6 Cases

If you have been linking for a cute case, then this list can help you narrow down your choices. Our list includes some simple cases with cute designs, as well as more elaborate cases. We’ve also included some waterproof cases and battery cases on the list as well. Who says cute cases can’t also be functional?

Battery cases are a great accessory for a gal who is always on the go. But there’s a problem. The overwhelming majority of iPhone 6 battery cases out there are only available in black. And the few companies that have a few colors to choose from have a fairly limited range of colors. If you’ve been hunting for a colorful battery case, the Boostcase by Carte Blanche Power Case is an option that should be at the top of your list.

The folks at Boostcase were nice enough to send over a sample of this case so we could go hands-on. Overall, this is a solid case that offers a lot of nice perks. That being said, it has a couple of drawbacks that you should be aware of before you pull the trigger.

Boostcase by Carte Blanche offers Power Cases for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 model comes in a 2200 mAh or 2700 mAh option, with the iPhone 6 Plus model available in 2700 mAh or 4500 mAh versions. This case is unusual because you have the option to remove the battery portion of the case for days when you want to have a more lightweight option. Your phone goes into a snap-on case, and that case then locks into the battery portion of the case. That flexibility is a really nice perk.

We also really like the LED indicator for the battery. Unlike some other cases that use a single color-coded LED or a series of LED dots to indicate charge level, this case takes a different approach. The bottom of the case has an LED status bar. Tap on the hidden touch sensor (located between the power toggle switch and the charging port), and the LED stripe lights up. The longer the stripe, the fuller your charge.

But this case has some features that may not appeal to all shoppers. Most problematic is the texture of this case, or rather, the lack of texture. This case is smooth and slick, and it’s actually quite pleasant to hold. However, the slippery feel of this case makes it hard to grip, and it’s also hard to get a hold on the case to remove your phone from it. People who tend to drop their phone might be worried that the phone lacks grippable edges. If the Carte Blanche logo was larger and covered the whole side of the case on both sides, there would be just a bit more grippability to the edges, and that would be nice.

However, if you plan to keep your phone in this case full time, the texture of the case shouldn’t be an issue. While the slick texture of this case is my only major gripe, it’s honestly a pretty minor issue. The case itself works just as it should, and the colorful case options are a breath of fresh air in a battery case marketplace that’s often monochromatic.

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