Apple Free iPad Engraving: Latest Offer by Apple

Are you planning to purchase an iPad? Here is an interesting deal for you- Apple is now offering the option of free laser engraving on the rear side of the iPad. Read on to know more about Apple Free iPad Engraving.

The Inscription

Getting a short message inscribed on your iPod has been a long-time choice while purchasing one from the online stores of Apple. Presently, Apple has launched free laser engraving for its iPads. The inscription can be your personalized message of two lines with maximum of 36 characters in each line.

Apple Free iPad Engraving is a good preference for customizing your gifts; needless to say it was perfectly in time for the holiday season. There is special topping with this offer- The gift wrap program- this permits the customers to get their iPads enclosed in gift wrappers at an extra $5 payment.

Though there are no refund policies for the iPad as of now, there are possibilities of a strategy being introduced very soon as in the case of iPods. This is because Apple has always had a strategy for personalized products; they do not exchange or refund the item under any conditions.

Where to Order?

You can place your order through any of Apple’s online stores. However, the engraving option comes with a stipulation that the shipping time will be prolonged to 1-3 business days in contrary to the normal 24 hours for an iPad without any inscriptions.

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